TV ratings are like report cards for TV shows, showing how many people are watching them. There are three main types of ratings: Total, AB, and 20+ABC1. These categories help TV companies understand who's watching their shows, based on things like age and income. Think of it as a way to see if a show is popular and making money. The ratings we use here come from social media and other trusted sources .

Turkish Episodes Rating
Turkish Episodes Rating

When do the ratings get released?

The ratings typically come out every morning around 10 AM Europe/Istanbul time. These are known as overnight ratings, giving us a quick look at how well TV shows performed the previous day.

Turkish Episodes Rating on 5th February 2024

This section presents the ratings for Turkish episodes aired on the 5th of February 2024.

Kızıl Goncalar S01E05 FOX 6.71 9.01 9.43
Kudüs Fatihi Selahaddin Eyyubi S01E11 TRT1 5.85 5.03 5.19
Ömer S02E21 Star TV 4.18 4.42 4.43
Safir S01E23 ATV 2.74 0.91 1.57

1. What is the "Total" category?

The "Total" category encompasses all individuals aged 5 and above in segmented rating households. It represents the entire TV audience, including various demographic groups like AB, C1, C2, D, E, etc. C1, C2, and D groups form the majority, with C2 and D often characterized as less educated and relatively poorer.

2. What does "AB" refer to?

"AB" comprises relatively more educated individuals aged 5 and above in segmented rating households. This category typically includes well-to-do employers, white-collar employees, and similar demographics.

3. What is meant by "ABC1"?

"ABC1" is the most significant category, consisting of individuals aged 20 and above. It combines the well-educated AB audience with a more moderate group, including retired employees, blue-collar workers, housewives, shopkeepers, etc. This category is highly valuable for advertisers and networks due to its diverse yet influential audience segment.

4. Where can I find the ratings?

"EpisodeAirDate" You can access the ratings for the previous day right here on our website. For more timely updates, please stay tuned to our platform.

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