In the 155th episode of "Kuruluş Osman," it received the highest viewership ratings across all categories with 6.40% audience share and 17.41% viewership share in total individuals category, 4.36% audience share and 13.39% viewership share in the AB category, and 5.46% audience share and 14.35% viewership share in the 20+ABC1 category.

The record-breaking series "Kuruluş Osman" dominated social media discussions with the hashtag #KuruluşOsman during its airing on ATV.

Episode 155: Plot Summary

In this episode, Osman Bey announces to Hatun that two beyliks will unite and march towards Mekece. He emphasizes that this alliance is a move to hinder his conquests, stating, "While I secure the border with the Byzantines, they try to stab us in the back. They want to hinder my conquests. If I were to spill their blood, would I be unjust? 

I will not allow them to stop me! I will do whatever is necessary!" Alaeddin Bey expresses his wish to marry Gonca Hatun, stating that she is a suitable bride for his household and principality, and that he vouches for her readiness to face any challenges. Osman Bey agrees to their marriage not only to prevent the two principalities from achieving their goals but also to support Alaeddin Bey's love for Gonca Hatun. He assures Alaeddin, "If I haven't said, 'You won't marry this girl,' then I'm not against you; I stand firmly behind you. 

We will get Gonca for you!" Osman Bey leads his soldiers, along with the Alps and the women, to Atranos Castle, where he captures and neutralizes İmren Tegin while the Crusader army is subdued by the Alps. Osman Bey declares, "This war will end. For you, it will end in death, for us, in celebration. You have tried to disrupt our celebrations with many intrigues. We will celebrate the engagement of my daughter Elçim and my son Orhan. 

You are someone who betrays his own people, a disgrace to your lineage, and a disgrace to the Seljuks! I will never give up on tradition and struggle!" He executes İmren Tegin with his bow. After conquering Atranos Castle, Osman Bey thanks his children, followers, Alps, and women, celebrating his victory.

1. What is the "Total" category?

The "Total" category encompasses all individuals aged 5 and above in segmented rating households. It represents the entire TV audience, including various demographic groups like AB, C1, C2, D, E, etc. C1, C2, and D groups form the majority, with C2 and D often characterized as less educated and relatively poorer.

2. What does "AB" refer to?

"AB" comprises relatively more educated individuals aged 5 and above in segmented rating households. This category typically includes well-to-do employers, white-collar employees, and similar demographics.

3. What is meant by "ABC1"?

"ABC1" is the most significant category, consisting of individuals aged 20 and above. It combines the well-educated AB audience with a more moderate group, including retired employees, blue-collar workers, housewives, shopkeepers, etc. This category is highly valuable for advertisers and networks due to its diverse yet influential audience segment.

4. Where can I find the ratings?

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