Netflix made a lot more money in the first three months of this year, partly because they got more people to pay for their service and partly because they stopped some people from sharing their passwords with others. 

They added about 9.3 million new customers, making their total number of subscribers almost 270 million. Their profits jumped to more than $2.3 billion in that time.

Netflix Profits Surge Due to Password Crackdown

But starting next year, Netflix won't tell everyone how many subscribers they have anymore. They say that in the past, when they were just starting out and not making much money, subscriber numbers showed how well they were doing. But now, they want investors to focus more on how much money they're making.

Netflix's revenue also went up by about 15% compared to last year, reaching $9.37 billion. They said that having popular shows like "Griselda" helped them make more money.

Some people think that Netflix might not keep growing as fast as before. One reason for their recent success is stopping people from sharing passwords, but that might not work forever.

Even though Netflix's stock price went up a lot this year, it went down a little bit after they announced they wouldn't share subscriber numbers anymore.

To keep making money, Netflix is trying different things like adding sports and video games to their service and making cheaper plans with ads. They're also still making deals to show other companies' movies and shows.

Overall, Netflix is doing pretty well, but they're trying out new things to keep growing and making money.