Parasyte: The Grey Season 1 wrapped up with tie pin, hinting at an exciting potential Season 2 if Netflix gives the green light.

Based on Hitoshi Iwaaki's manga "Parasyte," the series follows a similar invasion storyline but shifts the focus to new characters and a different setting in South Korea.

The six-episode series premiered on Netflix on April 5th, offering fans a fresh perspective on the parasitic threat and leaving them eagerly anticipating what's next.

In this universe, humans fall victim to otherworldly parasites that seize control of their brains, transforming their bodies into horrifying monsters with tentacles. Enter Jeong Su-in, played by Jeon So-nee, an ordinary woman thrust into an extraordinary situation. She finds herself sharing her body with one of these parasitic creatures, only partially overtake.

As Su-in grapples with this bizarre coexistence, she and her parasitic companion must evade the relentless pursuit of The Grey, an elite military unit hot on their heels. With suspense mounting and danger lurking at every turn, 'Parasyte: The Grey' delivers a thrilling cocktail of drama, tension, and monstrous encounters that will keep viewers hooked from start to finish.

In the last part, there's a guy named Shinichi Izumi, played by Masaki Suda. He offers to assist Jun-Kyung and Team Grey in eliminating the parasites. Shinichi is the main character from the original manga. He's a high schooler who has a parasite in his right arm. This parasite, named Migi, didn't take over his brain but instead stays in his arm. Shinichi and Migi become close as they work together to stay alive and fight for humans.

Will Netflix Release Parasyte: The Grey Season 2? 

Netflix hasn't announced if Parasyte: The Grey will have a second season yet. It's still early since the series has only been out for a short time. Netflix typically waits for ratings before deciding to renew shows. Fans will need to keep an eye out for updates over the next few months. 

Fortunately, other horror K-dramas like Sweet Home, All of Us Are Dead, and Gyeongseong Creature have been renewed before, so if Parasyte: The Grey keeps getting good ratings, there's a good chance it'll be renewed too.

When can we expect season 2 of Parasyte: The Gray Season 2?

As of now, Netflix hasn't said if Parasyte: The Grey will have another season. They'll wait a few weeks to see how well the series does. Things like how many people watch it, how long they watch, and if subscribers finish the series will influence Netflix's decision.

The appearance of Shinichi Izumi at the end of Parasyte: The Grey hints that there could be a second season. This cameo connects the series to the original manga and anime. It suggests that The Grey is a sequel to the manga, as Shinichi Izumi, the original protagonist, never left Japan.

As of now, there hasn't been any official word from Netflix about whether "Parasyte: The Grey" will have a second season. The streaming service typically waits to evaluate viewership and performance before making renewal decisions. Fans will need to stay tuned for updates in the coming months to see if the series will be renewed.